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Hey Moms:

Happy Holidays and all that good stuff! 31 years young I have to say that I love being a mom and having my hubby around BUT somethings this mommy needs to be mommy'd if you know what I mean. Is it me or do you ever wish you could blink and be young again? I sometimes miss the freedom, being responsible just for me, doing the thing I haven't done in years...

SO mom to mom, share some words of wisdom or a shout out if you sometimes feel the same way.... What do you do when you need a break?

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I take at least 2 trips a year by myself and go out at least twice a month. My well being is very important to me. I feel I can be a better parent when I take care of myself.

I like the sound of that. I'm starting to just get in the car and go hang out with me for a bit. Those breaks are much needed. -lh

I think it's looked at as a taboo feeling when you say you want "me" time as a mom. I have recently started taking that time out, as hard as it may be as a (right now) single mom of two boys. My MIL doesn't believe in me time and so its hard for her to grasp this whole subject. I like to read a good book or check out a flick on Netflix as my time by myself. I want to start getting a monthly massage as a way to cope.

I hear ya Esther! Netflix and I are good friends ... I am also very much into curling up in bed and watching hulu for alittle comic relief! -lh

Hello, I feel this way a lot. I am a stay at home and I home school. Sometimes I feel like running away, but I don't. LOL. One thing that I have done is joined a group outside of my home. We meet once a week, even though its not what I expected I still go just to get out of the house. I am however looking for other groups I can join. Another way I get some me time is long hot baths with the door lock. No matter who knocks on the door I don't answer it. Kids hate it sometimes because they know if they ask dad for something he might say no. LOL. But it works for me.

Hi Ladies,

I am a stay at home mom and I also home school and just as shanneta stated I sometimes feel like running away but I explained to hubby that I need some me time and this is including taking care of myself..I notice since I have moved to the south and got married my appearance has gone downhill.I miss my girlfriends up north and being able to go out to dinner and share some jokes and drinks..I told my husband that all this has happened since I moved and I think I may  have hurt his feelings..I am in need of new friends and a social!!!lol

hold my daughter, watch a movie with my daughter... I go to King Spa (for the real melt all the way down.)

I am in need of a break so bad just some me time away from the house and not doing the same old thing I want to do something different.



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