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Would you like to make a little extra cash online? I thought you would. Well, first I would like to ask to you mind expressing your opinon on consumer products,environmental issues to political issues? If so, I think you'll enjoy a website called Springboard America.  Springboard will give you the opportunity to earn money  doing surveys while also shaping america's future. As a woman of color,I find this site a wonderful way to have my voice and my communities voice heard. I really recommend many of us to give it a try. This site doesn't overload you with lots of surveys,and you won't make a lot of money,but it's a great way to have an impact on public policy,consumer products and much more.


Now, here is info on a site where you can earn some extra income. The site is called Inboxdollars and you can earn money by reading emails,taking surveys(worth .50 to $1.00),watching videos for ads from McDonald's to new shows for major networks.Oh, I almost forgot, you even get paid to print coupons and to search the web.

I know it seems to good to be true,but believe me this is the real deal and if you sign up now you'll get $5 just for signing up. If you're interested in this program click here


Hope you find these sites as interesting as I have. I really like sharing my views and opinons about issues and I hope many of my fellow BCM's try these sites to have their voices heard too. Remember,in order to establish change, we need not only to be serving our community,but we also need to be in the boardrooms of America, and believe it or doing these surveys,we are in that boardroom giving a voice to our community and our opinions.


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If anyone has signed up,please let me know how you like the sites.



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