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When I look back on my past life before Christ, I think about how I use to be.

Once I gave my heart to Christ, I've learn the more to think outside the box.

In Christ, the Holy Spirit will educate us in the things of God as well as how to carry one's self among this world of darkness.

In the educational system, since the Bible text was taken from being a main source of the system, the world has broken down everyone into two kinds of people.

The elite minority and the brainwashed....This is the World's system...

God has given us of His Spirit by His grace for us to learn to be wise, knowledgeable and thinkers...

I'm not saying that we do this on our own…  Please don't get it twisted.

What I'm saying, when we use the Word of God to go before us in all that we say and do, God is being glorified with our lives unto Him...Having to apply the Word to every area of our lives is referencing  God Almighty...

They that worship God must do it in Spirit and Truth...

How we do this, by applying the Word to our life and asking God to lead us into green pastures...

When we educate ourselves with the Word of God, we come to be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves…

Matthew 10:16

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so true! i really needed to hear this. thanks for the post.



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