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How many of us are taking the time to ensure our children are taught black history and know their heritage

Especially those of you who have biracial children
I see so many who are never going to know one side of their background because 
That parent is not around and the single parent is not making it a priority
Remember those who do not understand their history are doomed to repeat it

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THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT... my kids know the birth of AMERICA,, how WE where braught here by ships,, and why slavery was upon us,..including the man made american dream.. you havet to be asleep tp BELIEVE IT

My daughter is 14 and she is very aware if her black history. We talk about black history all the time. She loves to read about the women in  our black history that have made a big influence on where we are today. I feel all parents should encourage this in their children seeing as though not very many schools especially in the suburban areas that don't have classes as such. Even if they have classes there is always more to learn about.

I agree, there is always room to expand on your learning in the classroom. This is something I've always taught my children. Kuddos to all parents who are willing to teach/learn history with their children. 

My 6th grader is reading historical fiction at school from back in the 60's. This keeps the door open for discussion of the Civil rights movement.

The Watson Go To Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis

History is just like storytelling and the library is a great source for books for children of all ages to learn about our vast history.  I am glad to see here that February is not the only month we teach our history.


God bless!

2010 Blessings, People Helping People

My fourth grader will be taught balck history, once again, next year. I taught him (I homeschool) in first grade, ( he skipped second) which he has forgotten alot of, so I will teach him again next year and again in Jr. High and again in highschool. Our child is bi-racial (3/4 black) and I'll be damned if he doesn't learn who he is and why its important. It-is-so-important, especially when you don't live in a community that has a cohesive black presents.

My husband and I recently realized we would need to provide this for our son since there is virtually nothing offered in our area. So we are actually working on starting an african history sunday school, with two classes one for ages 6-10, one for ages 11-16
In the process of building the curriculum, if anyone has really good ACCURATE sources, that they would be willing to share, we would appreciate it beyond words!!! 



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